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Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit with First Brew Kit


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Embark on your homebrewing journey with the best-selling home brewing starter equipment available on the market. Our Deluxe Brewing Starter Kit has been tested by our staff and trusted by our customers for the previous 20 years.

HERE’S THE FUN PART! Each starter package comes complete with a ready to brew recipe.

This kit comes with the Chinook IPA recipe: This American IPA recipe has a comparatively modest gravity and mild hop character derived entirely from a single hop variety.

Using this kit, You’ll have the flexibility to brew a wide variety of beers. The kit includes a pair of glass carboy fermenters, (5 Gallon and 6 Gallon) and everything you need to brew your first beer.

The Package Contains:

  • An Educational DVD
  • One 6 Gallon Glass Carboy (Main Fermentor), Bung & Airlock
  • One 5 Gallon Glass Carboy (Secondary Fermentor), Bung & Airlock
  • Blowoff Hose, Funnel & Adhesive Thermometers
  • Auto-Siphon & Tubing, Bottle Filler & Tubing, Bottling Bucket & Spigot, Bottle Capper & Caps
  • Carboy Brush & Bottle Cleansing Brush, Brewery Cleaner & Carboy Dryer
  • Chinook IPA Beer Recipe Package


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