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Crafty Shipping 12 oz Longneck Bottle Trays (24 Count)


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  • Easy to Use: With dimensions of 12″x8″x2″, the trays can fit into a variety of box sizes with multiple 12oz longneck beers and trays.
  • Durable: These trays are engineered for durability, allowing them to be used multiple times.
  • FEDEX Tested: 2-Packs, 4-Packs, and 6-Packs have been tested by Fedex, and passed their packaging design tests.
  • ECO-Friendly: These trays are made from recycled pulp paper, and they eliminate the need for all that bubble wrap, plastic, styrofoam, and packing peanuts.

These pulp trays are designed to ship 12 oz. long-neck bottles to your brewing buddies, secret Santas or next homebrew competition. They keep your brew safe without the hassle of other packing materials. What’s even better is that they are designed to fit generic box sizes from companies like Uline.

Tray Dimensions – 12″x8″x2″

Use a 12″x8″x4″ box for 2 bottles, 12″x8″x8″ box for 4 bottles, and 12″x12″x8″ box for 6 bottles. Bottles not included.


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